When a separate male feeding system is used with sex separate feeding, the placement of the feeding system should be on the outside wall of the house, and not between the slats and the female feeder lines.

Females that feel the need to go to the nest to produce their eggs, have less acceptance for the male for mating. There is a very good biological reason for this. If the male is mating the female and delivering its semen in the cloaca, the production of an egg shortly after that event will push out the majority of the semen, and the mating and fertilization will be less effective. This makes mating in the afternoon, after the eggs are produced, more effective, and that is also when we see the majority of the mating. 

Placing the male feeders in front of the slats will make this area a relative male "territory". This means that the females have to pass the males to get on the slats and enter the nests. As the males will make an attempt to mate, this is less attractive for the females and an increase in floor eggs might be the result.

Placing the male feeders on the outside of the house will "drive" the females more to the nests, and will help to reduce floor eggs.